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Top 5 J Salmon Favourite Recipe Books

Morgan explains how to marinate, cure, deep fry, blacken, wok smoke, pan roast and slow cook salmon fillets and steaks. She also covers fish anatomy and the different species of Pacific salmon, and includes tips on kitchen basics.

This compact series of recipe books from postcard publishers Salmon features nostalgic scenes of the areas the recipes originate in. There are full-colour recipes and sepia coloured drawings.

Cheese and Mushrooms

The classic, cheesy stuffed mushroom recipe in this cookbook is one that every home cook should know. The recipe is simple, but the results are delicious! This makes a great appetizer for parties or can be served as a side dish to a dinner!

Mushrooms can be a great substitute for meat in recipes and offer the same amount of protein. Mushrooms also have a high level of dietary fiber. This recipe adds a savory twist to the mushroom by adding sausage!

The key ingredients in this recipe are butter (optional, can be replaced with oil), cream cheese (make sure it is softened), kewpie mayo (adds extra creaminess and bakes beautifully) and white miso (adds umami to the filling). You will also need some sliced mushrooms and bread crumbs.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a chef, writer, broadcaster and campaigner on food and environmental issues. He studied at Eton and St Peter’s College, Oxford before becoming a sous chef at the River Café in London. He was eventually fired, and later praised his firing as “the best thing that happened to me”.

In 1999 he bought a smallholding in Dorset called River Cottage and set up an organic smallholding, cafe, cooking school, events venue and more there. He would go on to host a number of TV series, including ‘River Cottage’ and ‘Hugh’s Fish Fight’, both of which were highly successful and led to changes in fisheries law in the UK.

Hugh lives within riding distance of his cafe, cooking school and event venue in East Devon and uses a bike designed by Darron Coppin of Sven Cycles for day-to-day riding and foraging trips. He is also known for his anti-McDonald’s stance and won’t let his own children eat white bread.

The Zuni Cafe Cookbook

When San Francisco’s beloved Zuni Cafe closed earlier this week, it left behind a cookbook that many consider one of the best of all time. The 2002 book by chef Judy Rodgers is an unapologetic ode to her from-scratch cooking, with recipes for everything from the restaurant’s famous roast chicken to the ricotta gnocchi and stocks and broths that made it famous. The book is a joy to cook from, with Rodgers providing helpful and encouraging notes (such as the five-page recipe for her risotto) and technical advice that’s intuitive to chefs but less so to home cooks. It’s the kind of cookbook that deserves a spot next to Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Hardcover, 192 pages.

Each month we recycle over 2.3 million books, saving them from going straight to landfill sites.

The River Cottage Meat Book

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is an award winning TV chef, smallholder, food writer and “real food” campaigner known for his back-to-basics approach to seasonal and ethically produced food. His Channel 4 series River Cottage has led to several successful books and the establishment of the River Cottage HQ near Bridport in Dorset. He has also founded Landshare, a scheme to bring growers and eaters together.

This book is a must for anyone who cares about the quality of their meat. Hugh covers all aspects of meat eating, from buying and storing to preparing and cooking. He explains why a dish prepared with substandard meat is disrespectful to the animal, and then offers a range of delicious recipes that are not only a pleasure to eat but which will raise your cooking to a higher level.

The Table Manners Cookbook

The brash mother-daughter duo behind the hit podcast Table Manners entertain celebrity guests (including Sam Smith, Tom Kerridge and Yotam Ottolenghi) with their wry conversation and home-cooked dishes. Here they share their favourite recipes, arranged into chapters called Effortless, A Bit More Effort, Summertime, Desserts and Baking, Chrismukkah and Jewish-ish Food.

Though Morgan’s writing style is refreshing, the book feels a little too much like a “clean-living” cookbook for our liking. For example, her discussion of the different species of Pacific Salmon misses an opportunity to explain flavor differences and seasonal shifts. Nonetheless, this is a book of soulful, time-honoured dishes that will appeal to fans of the podcast. And it is an excellent resource for anyone looking to expand their salmon repertoire. Recipes include Grilled Salmon Tacos with Chipotle Sauce, Sesame-Crusted Salmon and Asian Noodle Salad.

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